Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feisty Bento #336: TWO IN A ROW!!!


That's right, bento two days in a row! 

Portobello quesadillas with salsa (long story but it was supposed to have sour cream and cilantro as well... sigh)
garlic/basil green beans

It's not that I don't care... It's just been really hard lately.  But I received a new shipment from Ichiban Kan today so! things should get back on track quickly... (not that anyone NEEDS special equipment to make bento! just that Jenn had this great idea that I want to test out which will make it both easier for me to have bento everyday, and easier to post more frequently...)

Thanks for bearing with me through this difficult time, guys.  I really appreciate all of the love. 

PS I got an A in my English class.  I'm taking 3 academic classes next semester - another English class, History which I am terrible at, and a writing intensive Sociology class... I'm warning you now, expect lots of whining about those grades :)


  1. Oh it was just too fun to log into Google reader and see all your posts. :) So glad to have you back. Did the garlic/basil green beans work out okay? I've been wondering if you liked them or not?

    I just saw on your Twitter that you got your Ichiban order. YAY! And jealous. But only for a weekend and two days. Then mine will be here too. :)

  2. Whadja get? Whatdja get? I want to order something too. I'm suck a sheep.

  3. This bento looks so yummy, missed you for awhile.
    Show a pic of the goodies you got :)