Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feisty Bento #321: Repeats


Basically a repeat of yesterday's - mini quiches (still have a whole giant box of them!) and edamame. 

Thanks for all the concern on yesterday's post!  I kind of ran out of here after posting and didn't really finish my thoughts.  I responded to most of the comments (within the comment section) in case you missed it.  I think I just have been pushing myself a little too hard in terms of exercise - last week, I logged more than 11 miles plus an aerobics class.  Not really a lot, per se, but more than my usual 5-7 miles per week, and probably an awful lot to take on in the first week that I stopped eating any animal flesh (cuz last week was the first week not eating fish as well).  I can't say I'm easing up on the exercise - last night, class was unexpectedly cancelled (after I already was waiting on campus almost an hour for it to start, argh!), so I rushed home and hit the gym, ran 2.52 miles then went home to relax a bit before sleeping - speaking of which, I thought it was just me, but looking over people's status messages on Facebook today, a LOT of people seemed to have had insomnia last night!  I kept waking up every 30 minutes literally and getting so frustrated.  I thought it was because I exercised too soon before sleeping, but seriously, 15-20 people or more on Facebook wrote about having trouble sleeping last night, and I received some oddly timed emails that included notes saying "I couldn't sleep so I decided to write to you," haha. 

One last thing: 9 more days until the Meat Hiatus ends.  Any ideas what to eat as my first meal back eating meat?  Bear in mind that it's breakfast, and directly afterwards, I will be getting on a flight to Vegas, so it can't be anything too crazy (ie, have to travel into Manhattan to get at a specific restaurant - my flight is at 8:30 or 9:30am out of JFK, so that's too much rushing around) and too ridiculous that I might get sick from meat overload in one shot.  I mean, I will be gorging myself on meat in Vegas, but I'll be okay getting sick there, at least I have the freedom to move around and not be stuck on an airplane for hours. 

Okay, I'm off!  And: http://twitter.com/feistyfoodie I joined like a month ago or something, and I just Tweeted for the first time.  I don't anticipate I'll be updating frequently, but if you like, you can add me.  :)

Think outside the lunchbox~!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Feisty Bento #320: Anemic


Double stacked!  Everything is two high. 

Mini quiches; edamame (soy bean pods); vegetarian/vegetable rolls; pack of soy sauce

So I whipped up some mini-quiches yesterday using my best approximation of how to do that.  I used wonton wrappers for the shells and pre-baked those, then added a mixture of egg, salt, pepper, three cheese blend and shredded broccoli/carrot stems.  I learned a few things - probably would make it easier had I cooked the broccoli/carrot mixture first, softened it up a bit, because it was a little hard spooning them into the shells without getting drops of egg everywhere as I tried to squish the strips into the shells, haha.  Also, it turns out, I don't like quiche all that much and I'm not sure why.  I love eggs, I love cheese, I love broccoli, so how could putting all of them together in little mini shells (which I was OK with) make them something I only find alright tasting?  I have a decent number left so those will wind up being lunch this week as I struggle from lack of planning.  I was unable to go grocery shopping this weekend and am staring at a fridge full of mishmash uncooked (I also had no time to cook what's in my fridge... mostly because of what prevented me from going grocery shopping.  Whee!). 

I don't have a lunch bento for today (that's dinner) because I decided to head to a cheap sport to check out their $3 sandwich.  Damn that thing was huge and I'm super full now :)

Oh... and I'm beginning to feel nauseous, light headed, dizzy, headachey, exhausted... I'm pretty sure I officially am anemic.  I'll try to go to the doctor this weekend to verify this, but I have been and continue to be really busy so that might not be an option.  Grrrrrrr.  What am I not eating that regular vegetarians eat to maintain their iron levels?  Besides iron supplements.  Seriously.  Enough vegetarians swear they can eat enough to be well balanced and nourished properly!  And please don't tell me spinach, although I have two big bundles in my fridge right now that will get the rinse treatment soon and will be devoured with some garlic and lemon juice.  Yummm! 

Think outside the lunchbox!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feisty Bento #319: Random, again


Left - roasted broccoli with extra garlic goodness on top
Right - random spaghetti concoction

Small handful of spaghetti; shredded broccoli stems and carrots; dried dill, lemon juice; salt & pepper; teaspoon of mayo; sprinkle of cayenne pepper on top for extra flavor and color.  Yum.  It tasted pretty good and it was just a random moment of "What can I throw together right now?" 


Think outside the lunchbox!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feisty Bento #318: Haste


Top tier: red bell peppers and 'luscious lemon' hummus
Bottom tier: spinach tofu scramble mixed with rice; roasted broccoli

My English midterm is tonight and I haven't finished the reading.  Haha.  But I'm excited about eating my dinner above!

Also, there's a cool contest going on over here about healthy school lunches... I entered a story about my high school lunches, and will probably be entering some photos as well!  Go, enjoy, and good luck!

Think outside the lunchbox ;)

BTW - I realized I forgot to mention my English presentation.  It went alright I think (yes, we presented on Monday night).  I got to say "testicles" to the classroom and the professor actually liked that a lot (he said "Plus 10!" to me).  So.  I think it went alright.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll announce my grade.  Hahaha.  Maybe not... ;) 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feisty Bento #317: Ready to Roll Out


Top: a few orange segments (I ate the rest of the orange after I cut it and it didn't fit)
Bottom: toasted high fiber whole grain bread schmeared with 'luscious lemon' hummus and red bell pepper slices; extra red bell pepper slices to fill the gaps

This was sort of meant to be a lunch bento since I've got my aerobics class tonight and normally only eat an apple before that, but I wound up going to lunch with my new lunch buddy, Spam, so I'll eat this before class tonight instead.  Mmm.  Lunch was good.  No review to come cuz it's my 'secret' spot.  Hahaha. 


When I was walking to the bus this morning, I saw this on the back of a car where normally your car maker's emblem is.  I thought it was cute so I took a photo.  Hahaha. 

Think outside the lunchbox !  :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Feisty Bento #315 & 316: It's what's inside that counts


Today's lunch is so delicious!  So wonderful!  I know it doesn't look like much, but I assure you - uber delicious.

Top tier: portobello parmesan over a small bit of spaghetti
Bottom tier: roasted broccoli

Two things - though I link to a recipe for the portobello parmesan, I've tweaked it and am going to post the update soon.  So you may want to hold off before I tell you how to elevate it to new heights ;) 

And yes, I'm addicted to that roasted broccoli.  Three weeks in a row and I don't think I'm tired of it yet.  Wow.  That's gotta be a record of some sort for me. 

(BTW, I also have an orange that I will eat with this bento.)


Dinner tonight, before I hopefully get to present for my English class - another "What's so great about that?" picture - is portobello fajitas.  Recipe definitely to come soon.  But these are delicious!  (They are also all encompassing: vegetables, starch, cheese and sour cream for dairy, ... OK so there's no protein.  Whatever.) 

So I gave Keywee yet another new toy (remember her last one?).


Per usual, she does not like to share once she's got a new toy - after it's not new anymore, after it's lost its appeal, she will gladly throw toys into my lap to play with her.  Anyway, this is her hunkering down on my bed, all annoyed that I'm in her face.  She was starting to aggravate me because when I'd gone to move the toy earlier, she'd went to snap at the toy (to take it back) and wound up nailing my thumb good.  I spent a good 15 minutes with my face pressed to hers, growling at her. 

What?  You don't growl at your dog?  ;P 

So an hour or two later, she was still on my bed, chewing on that toy making it squeak (received from Judi via Swap-Bot in the "Let's Hear it for the Dogs!" swap - thanks, Judi!!!  She loves it! - and yes I am totally addicted to swapping), so I took a video.  (No squeaking because she was guarding the toy with her life.)

Yeah... I wound up hiding the toy from her later so I could get some sleep, haha.

Remember - think outside the lunchbox!  :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feisty Bento #314: Mmm random goodness


Top tier: roasted broccoli; cabbage boiled in butter
Bottom tier: maple glazed salmon; random rice

Mmm.... that's delicious. 

Crazed lately with work and stuff - oh and that presentation?  We were set to go last (the professor chose our order), out of 5 groups.  Only two groups managed to go last night.  So now I'm not sure if we'll even get to go on Monday!  What the heck!  We weren't completely ready to go but I wanted to just wing it, go for it and whatever. 

(The other two groups... one was really good, the other was... not so good.  So if we're graded comparatively, so far, I'm thinking we'll do OK.) 

Ahhh.  Tomorrow is Friday, and it can't come sooner. 

Think outside the lunchbox, y'all!  Probably no bento tomorrow because it's my gym day, but we'll see :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feisty Bentos #312 & 313: Perspective on What's Really Important


Maple glazed salmon, roasted broccoli, cabbage with butter


Random rice, spinach tofu scramble

It's a glimpse into the recipes I'm working on right now which aren't ready to be revealed... though were pretty tasty.  Plus you know I can't make little enough to leave no leftovers, that's just not how I roll.  :P

Funny enough... the random rice tastes really good.  You can scoff all you want, but it tastes good... and it reminds me of a dish I used to eat as a kid that I'd insist my mom make for me, haha.  Probably wouldn't be so good now, but whatever... yummerlicious, can't wait to eat these two.  (The second is for dinner.)

Speaking of dinner - I may not be able to eat this until much after dinnertime!  I have an English group presentation tonight and I'm nervous beyond all hell.  I'm not a public speaker (ironic considering how much I like attention) and I am crap at these things.  I'm so nervous.  But... to put things in perspective... I just (literally just this minute) found out a high school classmate of mine died from heart failure last night.  He was 29.  He was a lovely person who was always kind to me, and though we were never close and I hadn't seen him in over 10 years, he will be missed.  It really saddens me but puts things in perspective insomuch as a silly little English presentation... why stress over it? 

A moment of silence for my high school classmate.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feisty Bento #311: I am a strange, strange girl


So here's the story.  Well, it's a lot of stories.  I didn't plan my week very well last week, and wound up not having anything ready to go for lunch on Thursday... so no bento (but a delicious sandwich I will be posting about eventually over on Feisty Foodie). 

I took off from work on Friday to show a friend around town, so obviously, no bento, and the weekend was cram-packed such that I wound up unable to do much in the way of making food for the week.  (And yes, I make food for the week of bentos; it makes my life so much easier to be able to just pull out containers from which I pack my lunch!)  I did, however, manage to roast 3 heads of broccoli... and take leftovers from my sister's, cabbage boiled with butter.  No, no corned beef, don't be a jerk and remind me what I passed up...

Anyway, that's why there has been a bit of radio silence for the past few days.  (If you want to know EVERYTHING I ate over last week during the challenge, click here.)

My bento above is... cabbage boiled with butter, roasted broccoli and what I am dubbing: random rice concoction

And the other story is... well, last night/this morning, I decided I was going to bring bento today if it killed me, damn it (it just made me late for work). 

A week or two ago, shortly after I'd given up meat temporarily, I spent a day cooking before the BF came over to watch TV with me.  I was rushing around, and decided that though I'd be eating salmon (of which he isn't exactly a fan - I've seen him eat it raw once or twice, but cooked is an application which I'll let him approach me to try), he would need something for dinner as well.  So I made some stuff, and made a really fast pasta sauce, a recipe at which I am quite adept, thanks very much.  Unfortunately, if you clicked over, you'll notice that I most certainly use meat to start that sauce, imparting a distinct umami taste about the sauce, which I was stupidly in too much of a rush that night to realize would not fly over without it, and didn't think to use some mushrooms to replace some of the lost flavor. 

The result was a sauce that, well, put it this way.  While the item I sauced with said gravy received high marks from BF, he hesitated before remarking, "Where did you get the sauce?" 

I knew right away there was an issue, but simply said "I made it... pretty much the same way I always do, without the meat."
The response nearly broke my heart, "Oh... it kind of tastes... well, jarred."

Some people would take this as a compliment.  Some people would think that's awesome, that the sauce proffered was good enough to be jarred. 

Some people clearly don't date an Italian American. 

I tasted the sauce myself and realized there was just this flat sweetness to it, nothing rounding it out or giving it that special tang, a background smoothness.  At the same time, it tasted tinny, metallic, slightly sour - the tomato flavor - which makes no sense, because to combat the sourness of tomatoes, I tend to add a teaspoon of sugar.  It was like... it needed a splash of ground beef to make it taste right.  Grrr.

I chalked it up to being in a hurry and threw the sauce into the fridge, where it sat, unloved, for little bit.  (I'm done admitting to how long things sit in my fridge before I chuck them - people are constantly horrified by my timeframes, but hell, if I don't get sick, then why is it awful?) 

This morning, determined to have bento, I pulled out a Ziploc bag of cooked spaghetti, which I'd been smelling everyday for... a little while... that never smelled off.  I knew in my mind AND heart that it had been in the fridge way too long to deserve to be eaten - surely it was past its prime - but there was no visible mold and it really smelled FINE.  I even pulled some out and it felt fine, but I couldn't bring myself to taste it.  I'm still uncertain why.  Finally I began mushing it around in the bag and decided f* it, I'm not eating it, and chucked it.  Hahaha.

Meanwhile, I had the sauce in a pot on the stove, bubbling a bit, and I began adding a ton of freshly grated Parmagiana-Reggiano.  Yes, the good stuff.  I figured the saltiness should cut the sweetness, right?  But it was still missing something... so I added some frozen mixed veggies, figuring that would cut the sweetness, too, right? 

But ... what starch am I supposed to top with this??? 

Luckily (?) I had a container of a quick fried rice I made last week - that I also hadn't liked that much - but whatever - and I mixed that all into the sauce in the pan and out came the above.  Which wound up tasting quite nice!  Nothing I'd actually post a recipe for because it really is luck of the draw to mess something up that badly and then fix it somehow with random things tossed in - but hell, it was pretty darn tasty, and I may top it with some mozzarella for a repeat tomorrow!  We'll see! 

Yes, I'm a strange, strange girl... who will eat nearly anything.  Hahaha. 

Think outside the lunchbox~!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feisty Bento #310: I think I poisoned myself


Lemon dill salmon, roasted broccoli, grape tomatoes

Think outside the lunchbox!

PS I have made many sandwiches with hummus as a spread... someone doesn't read my blog carefully ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feisty Bento #309: Yum


Simply delicious. 

Toasted whole grain bread spread with luscious lemon hummus (their name, not mine!) and a slab of fried tofu;
cheesy red pepper and corn relish;
roasted broccoli

Mmm... I really do want to make more of that roasted broccoli, it was unbelievably delicious.  YUM. 

As always, think outside the lunchbox!  ;)

PS The other half of the sandwich was crammed on top and smushed down after the photo was taken.  The box lid has space and I didn't feel like eating it at that moment.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Feisty Bentos #307 & 308: Outside the Luncbox


Crap, I forgot to slip a cherry tomato next to the salmon on top, even though I was totally looking at the container and thinking the red would be nice contrast.  Doh!  I often forget to put one or two small things...

Top tier: lemon dill salmon (recipe post goes up on Friday on Feisty Foodie)
Bottom tier: edamame fried rice; cheesy corn & pepper relish; roasted broccoli

If you like broccoli at all (or if you hate it because it's mushy and farty), I urge you to try that recipe.  WOW.  I ate a whole head of that for lunch yesterday.  Mmm.  Go.  Make.  Eat.  ENJOY.  (Sucky thing is, I don't have a baking sheet large enough for two normal heads of broccoli, had to do it in two batches, annoying!  I smell a shopping trip...)


And for dinner, I worked hard to make sure I didn't have all of the same things again.  Seriously?  Doesn't that look like I'm eating a very whie chicken cutlet?  I assure you I am not.  It is awesome.  I can't wait to eat this. 

Top tier: fried tofu slice on whole grain bread with mayo (I was going to use hummus but I wanted to try the fried tofu in all its glory first)
Bottom tier: roasted broccoli; chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels; lightly salted nuts

Damn, that looks fine.  I want to eat that so badly right now!  (Just a few more hours.)  I'm not sure if the tofu is good yet - the way I made it, I couldn't try a small piece to taste, so I don't know if I'll be posting a recipe anytime soon, it may need tweaks.  It smelled fabulous though so I may be posting that shortly... we'll see, I suppose!  Super easy and healthy and I am really gunning for it to be DELICIOUS.  (And yes, it's different from my previous fried tofu recipe... which would also make a delicious addition to the bento lunch, yes?)

Happy bento~!!!

PS I came up with a GREAT new blog name for a bento blog while talking about my dinner bento with a friend.  I said "I have a fried tofu sandwich for dinner" and she said "That sounds like lunch" to which I responded "Sandwiches are anytime food!  I have them for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!  Think outside the lunchbox!" 

Think outside the lunchbox.  That's going to be my new sign-off line instead of happy bento (which is getting a bit too UP for me - even this Valley Girl has her limits!); what do you think?  It's also a great blog name if anyone wants to take it, hehe. 

Always think outside the lunchbox!  :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feisty Bento #306: How do vegetarians deal with anemia?


Top tier: cabbage; green beans; broccoli rabe
Bottom tier: black bean tortilla wraps - recipe will be posted tomorrow on Feisty Foodie!

I'm such an idiot... I've been rolling these up and then squishing them into the box because I couldn't figure out why the method I saw Rachael, Giada, whoever using... didn't work for me.  This morning, I logged into my Google Reader and briefly skimmed the other bento blogs that I read and found this post from Mer, read someone's comment, and realized... because I WAS DOING IT WRONG.

For some reason, I thought it was "fold sides, fold bottom up then fold top down voila."  No dearies, it's fold bottom up, THEN tuck the sides over that, then roll.  DUH.  I'll have to try that... next time I make these.  D'oh!  Hopefully my wraps won't be so darn ugly then! 

---not completely food related and some of you might find this gross---

So, I am encountering the first issue with this meatless thing.  I don't want anyone to worry about me - I am, in general, a fairly healthy kind of gal - I mean, I don't experience many issues (not more than your average person), nor do I have any big known issues currently.  Nothing that isn't being dealt with anyway.  But here's a little quirk: I've always been borderline anemic, and as I gained weight (from back when I was severely underweight to now), the doctor stopped mentioning that little bit in our checkups.  I do occasionally thirst for iron aka a big steak, usually after a lot of blood loss for whatever reason (you can take that as you will).  I've dealt with my near-anemia also by eating quite a lot of red meat over the years, encouraged by my parents who knew this.  Okay.

Growing up, I've tended to have occasional nosebleeds, random, no-reason (I wasn't hit in the face with anything, I didn't pick my nose and scratch myself) nosebleeds.  Eventually, it became clear that this happened often after I'd sat in the sun for a while, but beyond that, we never figured out a medical reason.  This slowed down a lot as I got older, although last year, when we were in the rainforest in Argentina, I got a bad one while waiting in line for the boat ride that takes you through the waterfall (the sun was pounding down on us).  And this morning, while showering, my nose began gushing and gushing - a worse nosebleed than I've had in a while - and I lost quite a bit of blood. 

Anyway, the point is, I'm used to this, and how I dealt with that is really to eat a big steak.  Iron out, iron in, makes sense, right?

OBVIOUSLY, I cannot do that right now, so I have to ask: any vegetarians out there who deal with anemia or the need for iron without resorting to supplements and/or meat subtitutes?  (I am avoiding those unless or until it becomes unavoidable that I need those nutrients.)  I have been feeling a teeny bit lightheaded/faint and hungrier tody than usual, so I need to know...  What do you guys usually do when this happens?  Any solid recommendations?  (First person to say, "Go back to eating meat," gets a fist in the face :) oh, and I've been feeling a lot more violent today than usual.  Interested in causing bloodshed instead of being the one to shed blood.) 

---end of possibly gross information---

Well, HAPPY BENTO~!!!  No bento tomorrow, I'll be at the gym, so have a great, gorgeous weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feisty Bento #305: Veggies for me


Top tier: Steamed yu choy/broccoli rabe; boiled Napa cabbage, both with sesame seeds on top for contrast, lightly salted
Bottom tier: blanched green beans and grape tomatoes mixed with a daub of mayo, masago, and hot sauce

The bottom tier is actually basically spicy masago dip mixed with grape tomatoes and blanched green beans.  A sort of green bean salad with some interesting ingredients to bring a new dimension to it - I haven't made or eaten this before but thought it sounded good so here it is.  If you don't want to use masago or can't find it, you can just use mayo & hot sauce of your choice, or really any number of things to change up the taste of plain blanched green beans! 

So, today, while discussing a recent Happy Meal toy with a friend (neither of us has the toy nor gone to McDonald's in a while for health and weight reasons), I mused to her that once the 5k run she's training for currently has passed, we can go and have Happy Meals to get the toy she wants, and then I added, "It's probably less than 500 calories, right?"

Immediately after I said that, of course I got the urge to look up how many calories is in the standard Happy Meal.  BEAR IN MIND I GREW UP BEFORE HAPPY MEALS HAD CHOICES besides "hamburger, cheeseburger, or chicken nuggets" - so these numbers are for the sides including the small soda and small fries ONLY.  I don't care that I can cut out 50 calories by eating apple slices instead of fries or getting water or milk.  Because to me, that isn't a Happy Meal, and negates the whole point of going to McDonald's (fries).  Come on now. 

A hamburger Happy Meal, containing a dinky little hamburger, small fries (which barely gets your tongue started on that taste for their fries... mmm), and a small Sprite (I don't know why it doesn't use Coke as the standard, but I'm pretty sure Sprite and Coke have the same number of calories per serving) contains 590 calories. 

A chicken McNugget Happy Meal, containing 4 piece Chicken McNuggets, small fries and a small Sprite contains 520 calories. 

You can bring it down to 390 if you get apple juice and apple slices with chicken nuggets, but seriously?! 

The lunch above that I've packed, which surely will leave me way fuller than eating a hamburger Happy Meal, can't be more than I don't know, 300 calories?  (I'm going light on the numbers because the vegetables were all cooked with basically water or chicken broth, low sodium/low fat, the most calories are coming from the mayo - light, which was half a tablespoon or so and can't be more than what, 40 calories? - I did a compare of calories in light mayo vs. mustard a while back and mustard was like 5 calories per serving and mayo was 35 or 40 - not enough to make me switch to mustard when I prefer mayo, although I will grant you that mustard has a lot more flavor - and veggies in general are light in calories.  No idea how much is in the masago, though a quick Google search shows it isn't heavy calorically but cholesterol-wise, not so light.  So it really shouldn't be that many calories.  I should probably start measuring my food to get a better grasp though, yeah?)  Anyway, my point is, I'm fairly outraged and horrified that Happy Meals are so calorie-packed.  I know "Extra Value Meals" (in quotes because I don't believe there's ANY extra value there) are even worse, but this just really boggles my mind how such tiny food can hide within them so many darn calories. 

Okay, I think I'm done ranting now :)

Happy bento~!!!

PS This is not fully vegetarian, but simply meatless.  Yes, there's masago (fish roe) in there.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feisty Bento #304: Meatless Update


Top tier: cabbage; steamed yu choy/broccoli rabe, both with a touch of salt
Bottom tier: black bean tacos (recipe to come)

Phew.  So yesterday, in my neck of the woods, it snowed oh, about a foot, somewhere between 8 and 14 inches, depending on where you were exactly.  (By my sister's, which is a 20 minute drive from me: 14".  By me, about a foot or so.  By my office, hmm, hard to tell.)  Thankfully, this meant they cancelled classes and I didn't have to go to class, so no dinner bento, just a lunch bento.

The problem with that is just that if I've packed my lunch, willpower is almost easy to have.  But faced with my fridge and a grumbly stomach, I very much wanted to reach into the freezer and grab some frozen dumplings (all of which are pork or the like) for dinner.

I didn't. 

But still!  It was there, that desire to "be bad" and eat meat.  The weekend wasn't that bad, even though I stayed home most of the time, I just focused on other things like cooking and cleaning.  And homework.  Because yes, I have a lot of that.  Ugh. 

Anyway, it'd have been pretty pathetic if I caved after just 3 days, right?  Considering I barely ate meat the week before without thinking much of it at all. 

I'll be updating with what I ate my first week out meatless, with photos and stuff, but for now, you are left with the above ;)

Happy bento!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Feisty Bento #303: Yumms Vegetarian


Top tier: grape tomatoes; black bean tacos (recipe coming)
Bottom tier: blanched green beans with a touch of salt

I am running behind on everything... sorry!  It was delicious though :)

Happy bento~!!!