Friday, September 28, 2007

Feisty Bento #46: A Package for Me?

What could it be?

A friend of mine works over at Built NY and thought I'd like some new lunch goodies- and boy do I like 'em!  I received an assortment including Meadow the Munchler (top left- the ears are down but it's a bunny-shaped insulated lunch bag), the Rambler, the Gourmet Getaway Tote, and much more.  Thanks again<333

So of course, today I had to use one! 

Today's lunch.  The beauty of this is that the bag is still half empty.  I loveloveLOVE that the material, while stretchy and willing to accomodate bulky or misshapen items, is not so stretchy that when packed with heavy items, the whole thing drags down and looks retarded- it still maintained its shape fairly well and I didn't feel like I was stretching it at the handles or anything. 

**I chose my earrings, then my top, without knowing which lunch bag I was going to use.  I chose these turquoise dangly earrings that I got in Greece and have never worn, then a top that went well with them- also a turquoise blue shade- and when I went to grab a lunch bag, I'd already decided on using one of the Ramblers, whichever one didn't have tags on it, and it happened to be this one.  Which means I look really awesome today- I actually put makeup on, and I'm all matchy-matchy without being all one color since the bag has like, style to it.  GOSH I LOVE THIS BAG

What's inside?

Yup, count 'em- four boxes of food today!  Who's a pig? 

Left box, from top left: smoked mozzarella & salami; baby carrots; edamame (soy beans in the pod); grape tomatoes; pork floss onigiri and the last of the potato salad with scallions
Right box: three slices of takuan (pickled daikon radish) and three NOT GYOZA... they're Chinese dumplings I tried to use the same cooking method as the gyoza but had to make a few changes.  We'll see how these hold up at lunchtime... These are pork, leek and "mushroom added" (that's what the bag said). 

My snack/dessert portion boxes- watermelon and canteloupe.

Didn't use a bento belt because the containers are leak proof and are all stuffed into my beautiful new Built NY Gourmet Getaway lunch bag, along with a standard bottle of Poland Spring water, so if they bounce around it's not a big deal and I doubt they will!  This bag ROCKS!!!

I can't wait to use Meadow the Munchler- it's so adorable!  I love best how Built NY's lunch bags fit right in with the Bento Philosophy- namely, less waste, re-using and leaving a smaller environmental footprint, and food safety, since the bags are meant to keep food hot/cold for hours. 

Happy Bento!!!


  1. I usually love your bento meals but today I love your NY bags !! wow, look at all those colours !! Over here in Malaysia, only the 2 bottle NY divider bag is sold. I would love to have one that can fit a bento box !

    my apology , I have been lurking around for awhile now and didn't say Hi till now.

  2. I like this backpacks because they are so comfortable , because the materials are like cotton , so I will get one in my next salary

  3. U recieved so many things.. I really envy u... Last time I recieved a package like this one was when I was 16 years old and it came from my father, who lived in Bosnia. I really miss this kind of presents.