Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feisty Bento #32: BBQ Chicken & Orzo

Roasted BBQ chicken (my brother kindly ate half of what I'd made for lunch, so this is much diminished- I like high protein lunches!), orzo with sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and scallions; Mom's version of na mool, watermelon.

I must be getting faster at packing lunches- this only took me 15 minutes, even with deboning/cutting the chicken up into easy to eat pieces, after heating it. 

I will be posting the recipe for the orzo on Feisty Foodie, so stay tuned!!!



  1. Yvo,
    Your webblog is very interesting! I eagerly read every entry.
    Your creativity is wonderful.

    I have been brownbagging since high school, through college, and every job since. I have brought lunch for as long as I can remember.

    Your bentos have inspired me to use a little more creativity to spice up a boring daily routine.

    Thanks for the interesting read and the cute pictures!

  2. i love this bento concept. now i just have to find these little containers here :o)

    i love chinatown and all the neat little shops to browse in and out of. my next trip up there i WILL be bringing home some bento boxes to try some of these fabulous lunches!

    i'm keeping the whole deal hush hush with my friends cause i want to be the first to have them :o)

    i also can't wait to go to have dim sum again :o) you are so lucky!

    thanks for sharing :o)