Monday, September 24, 2007

Feisty Bento #42: Super Yum!

Top tier: seafood gyoza with gyoza sauce in my adorable bottle; spinach steamed or par-boiled; takuan/pickled daikon radish; regular potato salad that darn it, I meant to chop some scallions to go on top- that would have been so pretty and much tastier (this is store bought- Waldbaum's- and I wasn't too pleased with the quality).

Bottom tier: five slices each of roast pork (char siu), tongue, and "aromatic beef slices" (if you've ever been to a Cantonese restaurant and read the menu, you know that's what they call it! If not, it usually is served with "jellyfish", pickled carrots/radish, etc.), and three mini-Milano cookies. I thought these were mini mint cookies but I guess I picked up the wrong bag

I've also got, not shown, a sandwich-size box of watermelon and canteloupe. It was supposed to be my breakfast but after my cup of tea, I didn't feel like eating it, so I'll eat that for sweets afterwards (since it's fruit, I don't feel bad about those calories, at all, plus my lunch today is super low-carb, so why not?).

Happy Bento!!!

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  1. I have been reading this blog and am very intrigued with bento!!! I bring my lunch to work everyday, but it doesn't look quite as appetizing as your bento boxes. Can you do a blog on how to make a onigiri? Kudos to you for all the yummy looking bentos.