Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feisty Bento #44: Repeat Bento

More of the same!

Top tier: seafood gyoza (the last of it, actually), edamame, takuan, spinach, and potato salad with scallions. Bottom tier: tongue onigiri (yes, TONGUE! yum yum), roast pork slices next to tongue slices, and canteloupe (doesn't it look like apple? I think it's the lighting).


Happy Bento!

**Tutorial[s] to come... tomorrow most likely as I have lunch plans and will not be posting a bento!


  1. Ooh, gyoza! I'm sure my husband would really love those - I really need to learn how to make them! :3

    Nice bento. ^_^

  2. I love your bento box creation! I've been lazy on the weekends, but again looking at your page has inspired me to do this. I bought a bento box already and I'm going to think of some foods that i can put it. I think gyozas are good, but do you think i can fry it up the night before and eat it for lunch? I usually hate cooking in the mornings, that's always the problem.

    And btw, can you teach me how to make potato croquettes?