Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feisty Bento #40: Someone loves me!

Awww.... You know how I said no one ever cooks for me?  Seriously.  No one EVER cooks for me.  This special heart-shaped meatloaf brought to me by... Elaine!!!  She brought it over last night with just the words, "This is for your bento," and I was so dazed (from being tired, having gone to the hospital and then gone home to crash and then that horrible loss by the Mets AGAIN to the Nationals, and the surprise) and caught off guard, I kind of mumbled "Thank you!" and didn't really effectively show how grateful/happy I was.  My bad.  IT'S SO CUTE... I LOVE it!!!  Thank you!!!!!

Alongside is just some more 'dou-mew' (bean-???) sauteed with garlic and canteloupe.  I've been craving canteloupe and though she won't cook for me anymore, my mother did cut up canteloupe for me.  Yay!!! 

Happy Bento!!!

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  1. did I read that correctly... or did you cook your cantaloupe with garlic?