Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feisty Bento #35: Bleary Bento

I've been too tired lately to do anything in the mornings but blearily open my eyes and since I haven't been home to cook or make anything, I've wound up just digging around in the fridge for whatever I can find and slapping stuff together.  So today's bento includes a turkey sandwich with hummus as the spread (adds protein) on whole grain bread, some more of the sundried tomato orzo salad with feta, Romaine lettuce with grape tomatoes, and finally, taking my cue from Biggie at Lunch in a Box (and adding even more protein), some salami curls with Laughing Cow Light Swiss cubes smeared into them.  I thought that's what she'd done, but either way, these were pretty tasty.

The belt was purchased separately from the box, but I AM selling these boxes on eBay.  Good, cheap starter bento with a steam vent and very deep, perfect for sandwiches and fluffier foods.  I'll post up the link later, after I post more of the boxes on eBay... in case you're interested!

Happy Bento!!! 

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