Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feisty Bento #37: Bento for my Brother

This is a bento- in a blue box similar to the pink one I have with a bunny, except this one has a small boy on the outside poking a, um, pile of poop- that I made for my brother for work on Saturday.
Grape tomatoes, FRESH onigiri with bacon in one, and in the other, this dried, shredded pork that looks like carpet fuzz- think it might be a Taiwanese thing, or not, because it's called "Formosa Brand Dried Pork"- (well, okay, maybe NOT then?) that you can find in Chinese sticky rice "sticks" that hold a deep fried dough stick and the dried pork thing- anyways, I thought, it's good in Chinese sticky rice "sticks", why not in onigiri- and it IS good in onigiri, it's dry enough to pack in there and it's salty enough to have a good flavor against the rice!, takuan/pickled radish, and some "choi"/veggies I found in the fridge.  My brother is too lucky! except he said, "I'm not bringing this to work!  WTH!" and it's like, dude, I found the least-girly box I have and used it.  Hmph.  He took it anyway.  AND HE ATE IT AND HE LIKED IT CUZ THAT'S HOW I DO.  Oh, I had no seaweed for the onigiri so I picked some up later that day.

Happy Bento!

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  1. holy crap, I LOVE pork floss, I could live off just that and white rice. I think this is why I was fat.