Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feisty Bento #43: Crooked Bento

(What's up with my pictures?  I even tried to make it straight but I took like 5 pictures and they're all crooked!  Haha... I haven't been drinking!)

Left tier: roast pork + scallion onigiri surrounded by tongue, steamed spinach
Right tier: seafood gyoza, edamame (soy beans in pods), takuan and potato salad topped with scallions

Argh, I messed up yet again.  When will I get it right?! 

I messed up for a number of reasons; I'd intended to put less edamame in there, just as a boundary/border, and way less potato salad with some spinach also in that tier, then fruit in the other tier.  That didn't work out when I decided to try to cram as much edamame in there as I did- oops.  Should have been more easy with the edamame and less potato salad... sheesh.  Too many carbs! 

(Crooked again!)

So I threw some fruit into a separate box and stuck it in my bag.  It will be a snack though because I will be full after that lunch.

Happy Bento! 

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  1. Hello! Lurker here, finally coming out of my rock! ;) Your bentos always look so yummy!

    I think if you don't mind the trouble-- you could always correct the angle by using an image editor and then cropping it.. but it's more work so I usually just deal with whatever is taken. lol