Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feisty Bento #34: Slapdash Fried Rice Bento

I'm kind of amazed; so I guess it does get quicker as you get more used to doing it? Or perhaps it's cooler so the food cools more quickly. Or maybe because I simply didn't use that much food today. I don't know, what I do know is that I woke up 40 minutes later than usual and still managed to get into work on time. I'm suffering from jet lag which is extremely unusual for me- I've stayed 10 days in a city 5 time zones away from mine, but been fine when I got back, I just never switched. Three time zones away for less than four days, and I'm all conked out? That isn't like me at all. Very odd.

In any case, I managed to slap this together fairly quickly, using a box I found at a nearby store (and am now selling various styles of on eBay) for very cheap. It has a hole for venting steam, and it came with a spoon as well! My one point of dislike is that it's a bit deeper than I'd like for most bento items, but I can either layer or just fill it up less, as I did today (it's over 700 ml, using the water method described on Lunch in a Box).

Since the box latch isn't all that secure, and I don't have a kinchaku/bag/wrap that I think matches (or fits it, honestly, since I only have the very few items I do), I used the bento belt I picked up from Daiso in Serramonte a few days ago. I also used a pink silicon cupcake cup to hold the slightly wet bean sprouts, but the green veggies I left in the container with nothing separating them from the roasted beef fried rice- slightly spicy but not so much so. All leftovers from takeout or Mom's cooking. Delicious; can't wait for lunch!

Happy Bento!!!


  1. you might inspire me to make bento boxes. probably not as thoughtful as yours but i do love variety!

  2. While I'm not any where the foodie you are (I enjoy things that taste good. ^_^), I love what you do for these bentos. They look so great and yummy! I can't visit your site without getting hungry!