Friday, October 5, 2007

But where do I GET bento?

The next question, after I've answered why and intrigued a person into wanting to bento for themselves, is always, "Okay, now what? Where can I get the supplies I need to bento?" Though I haven't the time today/right now to answer this in depth as I'd like to (with links and pictures to all of my own personal gear- I guess a bragging post of all my stuff, if you will!), I have to emphasize that you needn't any special gear to start bento'ing. You can use a regular plastic container leftover from takeout or whatever, it's just about maximizing the use of what space you have, making sure that the food doesn't shift in transit, and have fun with it! You don't need any cutters or molds or anything, just really, you can pack a sandwich, cut it in half and stack it in a slightly deeper box, then fill the side next to it with salad and a small container of dressing. It needn't be fancy, it's all about having fun and making your food interesting for *you*. Next time I have a chance, I will definitely post in-depth about all of the gear I have, what it's for and where to get it. Happy Bento!


  1. actualy u can buy them if u want on the inernet.
    jes u can use normal lunch boxes but it is more fun in a real bento box.
    the big advanse on good bento boxes is that they micht have inner diveders . u can use normal cupcake cups ofcorse of just small fruits to make nice colors.
    i do agrea on that u can use whatever u want to eat in a bento but i do think u can use veggie cutters or just normal cookie cutters cus they just realy cute up a bento . For me is in a bento the cute facktor realy inportent .. just to make food fun to eat. there by u sould get a bento to math the food u put in it and ur age and all... bentos normaly ar realy healthy cus they liment the amoud of carbs becose of the space.

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