Friday, October 26, 2007

Feisty Bento #62: A Good Cause

Top tier: sauteed bean sprouts; shepherd's scramble with shredded monterey jack & cheddar cheese mixed in
Bottom tier: sauteed veggies; "instant" pasta salad (from a Betty Crocker box- boil the pasta and mix with the seasoning packet and some mayo; verdict: meh, probably really unhealthy, I'll stick to making my own yummy version from now on)

Boring lunch.  But the flier underneath!  I'm supporting/promoting a cause that makes a lot of sense to me - hungry people.  In a city - nay, in a friggin' country with so much food that goes to waste, so many people go hungry, and that doesn't make sense to me.  Donate to NYC Food Bank.  If you can't get to Grand Central Terminal to pick up one of the great orange shopping bags I talked about in great detail at the end of this post, I can send one to you, just make a donation to the NYC Food Bank (I guess where it says "In Honor of" you could put "The Feisty Foodie" so I'd know you made the donation???).  I haven't decided yet if you have to cover shipping or if I will... I'm still working out details.

As always, HAPPY BENTO'ING!!!


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