Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Feisty Bento #48: Sushi/Sashimi Bento?!

The Rambler!

Last night, it was soooo chilly/nippy/cold when I was walking home, I was like, you know what's great in cold weather?  No, after ramen/pho/Asian noodle soups... that's right baby!  Japanese curry!!!  I whipped up a decent sized batch, medium hot, which actually was just the right amount of spicy for me (I can't eat very spicy things).  Super thick, filled with carrots, onions, celery (the veggies I found in my house), and oh-so-good.  I also made plenty to bring to work today in my brand new thermal lunch jar bento set... but... but... my exceedingly thoughtful and lovely brother (encouragedforced by the lovely Elaine of heart-shaped meatloaf fame!) brought me home some sushi, and weighing which to bring to work today... umm... duh, the sushi wins out.  I was surprised though; look at what he handed me:

(Look at the colors!)  Two pieces each salmon and hamachi/yellow tail sushi; three pieces of tuna sashimi, two pieces of white tail sashimi, and four pieces of spicy tuna on top of yellowtail maki/roll.  It's so pretty!

Of course, any normal person would think, "How do I bring this to work?"  (Well, I would have eaten it right then except it was like 10 pm.)  Putting sushi in the fridge, in my experience, makes the rice go hard and kind of icky, but I am not one to be deterred.  I popped it in the fridge and decided it was time to debut one of the containers I bought in San Francisco... it has a freezy pack in the top of the container!  So cool! 

The Lock & Lock container on the left has canteloupe and in the middle, wasabi, in a separate small container I picked up in Ichiban Kan in San Francisco - it's originally for makeup, actually, and has a pink lid.  Three pack for $1 or 1.50 - it's perfect for containing the wasabi, but it was a bit narrow to dip the rolls in.
On the right, in the freezy pack container, I had to stack the sushi/sashimi two deep, but the container was deep enough for it.  I wound up eating the lone piece of tuna this morning that didn't fit and it was oh sooo good!  I also, in the interest of food safety, slipped pieces of ginger in any empty gaps as ginger has anti-bacterial properties to discourage bacteria growth.  I was worried about the texture of the rice later, but honestly, when I was packing it this morning, the rice was actually moist and still soft.  Weird, right?  But I'm not going to question my good fortune.  (Edit: Having now eaten lunch, I can say that the rice was actually surprisingly still soft and even fell apart a bit when I tried to pick up the rolls.)

I forgot to stick my chopsticks in the picture; these cute blue ones with their own case!

Of course due to the temperature sensitive nature of my lunch, I had to whip out one of my insulated lunch bags... the Rambler by Built NY/BYO!  (Seriously peoples I'm not sure why you haven't run out and bought some of this stuff yet.  It's AWESOME.  They even sell it at Whole Foods, or at least definitely the one on Bowery - which is huge and awesome and amazing actually - upstairs in the holistics department across that little bridge.  GO GO GO!)  Check it out!

As always, happy bento!!!


  1. Mmmmm yummy! That sounds like it was a good lunch! And I'm glad to hear that your ice pack bento worked out well with the sushi. :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of the Built NY totes too...I have two of the Gourmet Getaway totes and think they are perfect for holding bentos. But what's the "Rambler"? I haven't seen those! Must find out more! :)

  3. This looks terrfic! And that bag looks so cute! I must have one myself!