Saturday, October 27, 2007

Does this make my lunch look phat?

Announcing "Does this make my lunch look phat?", my first ever contest! Sort of in celebration of Feisty Foodie's first birthday and sort of as a launch thing for Feisty Bento... well, either way, it's a contest! With prizes! (Ok, fine, also as a celebration of my birthday, October 27.)

Enter for your chance to win one of the following:

comes with a Chinese-style-soup-spoon inside

two removable food cups inside

**Yes, these are items I was previously trying to sell on eBay. I don't know why no one wanted them, but whatever, their loss, your benefit!

The rules are simple:

If you have a blog (doesn't have to be a bento blog or even a food blog!), you can enter by: 1. Complete a post on your blog by Midnight EST, November 27, 2007 that includes picture of your "phat" lunch (hopefully bento-style!) and a description of what it is, what's in it, the recipe for at least one component, and a link back to this blogpost. Recipes can be original or otherwise- s'long as that's how you made something in the lunch! 2. Email me (feistyfoodie[at]gmail[dot]com) by the same deadline and provide your name, blog’s name, title of your "phat" lunch, link to the post with your dish, which bento above you'd most like to receive if you win, and a low-res (320ish x 240ish) image of the dish.

If you don't have a blog, just email me with all of the above information!

I'll try to post a round up shortly after November 27th... The winner will be decided by whose lunch looks the "phattest" - though my opinion will be the final say in this case, I can be swayed by comments on the round-up post defending, encouraging, explaining why one is better than the other! Soon after the winners are announced (probably around 5 winners, I guess, seeing how many extra boxes I've got), the winners will need to contact me with their info so I can mail their prize out via priority mail.

As always, happy bento'ing!!! and GOOD LUCK!!!

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  2. Happy birthday! Hehe our blogs have birthdays close together, and so do we! How odd. And yes, I had to comment on both birthday blog posts, because I do that for birthdays. :P (Oh, and it's still your birthday where I am... I still have 20 more minutes. So therefore, it's still your birthday :D )

  3. Powerpuff Girls - YAY! Will Bento for Bubbles and Happy Birthday!

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  5. M- of course not, feel free! I stole the idea of a contest from someone else anyway, though theirs was only for their site birthday ;)
    I look forward to entering your contest!

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  7. i love bento so much =D
    happy birthday !

  8. Selling on ebay not easy, I try selling 3 bento box before but no one want them... turns out that I have better use for them...hehehe... phat lunch?

  9. I sent you an email with my entry.

    Here's hopin' I win! :0)