Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feisty Bento #59: Oyako, my style

Top tier: primitive "oyako" without the "don" - terrible joke, oyako don is "mother/child over rice", I usually get "sake oyako don" which is salmon sashimi and salmon roe over sushi rice (Japanese short grain rice that has vinegar, sugar, mirin added).  But this is just BBQ chicken - spicy style.    Shepherd's scramble with a twist next to the "oyako"- because someone commented that my lunches look too small, I decided to fill out my scramble with an extra ingredient: shelled edamame (soy beans out of the pod).  I didn't like it- the beans were too hard and kind of just ruined the whole overall texture of my scramble.
Bottom tier: soy beansprouts, grape tomatoes, and the rest of the shepherd's scramble.

For the BBQ chicken, well, I just went to the store to pick up milk, but chicken quarters (legs, thighs and part of the back) were 99c a lb., so I picked up a pack of two quarters.  Rinsed these off, salt & pepper and tossed them into the toaster oven set to 350 degrees.  After they were nice and crispy skinned, I slathered them in a mixture of BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece) and crushed red pepper flakes, which gives it a nice kick that isn't unbearable for someone like me, who can't take extreme heat.  I flipped twice, then removed from the oven, let it cool a bit and then shredded the meat.  YUMMY.

Happy Bento'ing!!!


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  2. Hey M!
    I haven't ever seen fresh edamame but I admit I never really looked too hard. I buy it frozen- from Trader Joe's or from Fresh Direct or my mother picks it up from Asian markets. I've never mixed it into eggs before but I won't do that again... my Shepherd's pie base has peas in it already so I figured let me add some more green :)