Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feisty Bento #56: I love me!

Someone loves me, and it's... me!!! After that wonderful bento with the heart-shaped meatloaf, I hunted down more of the heart shaped tins and finally got to use one today. I whipped up a quick shepherd's pie (I had the mashed potatoes and ground beef mixtures already cooked, in separate containers in the fridge) using the toaster oven to brown the top of it in the tin. Yummy!

Top tier: mini shepherd's pie; more egg salad surrounding (I cooled the shepherd's pie completely, so it shouldn't affect the egg salad) Bottom tier: stir fried Romaine lettuce; sort of a caprese salad - mozzarella cubed, grape tomatoes halved, strips of basil, Parmagiano-Reggiano grated over the top, and all tossed with rosemary oil- the basil turned dark green because I made this a few days ago, oops; edamame (soy beans), shelled

As always, happy happy bento!


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  2. Hey M,
    I probably could/should be more clear- in case you're looking for them- they're made by Reynolds and are actually muffin/cookie (so they say, though I've never used an aluminum tin to make cookies- then again, I don't bake)/brownie tins/liners. I found them at the Super Stop & Shop "near" me- couldn't find them anywhere else, at any other grocery stores near me. Great bento find, really! (Isn't it all about finding bento stuff in the non-bento world?!) Hope that helps :)