Monday, October 15, 2007

Feisty Bento #54: New Bento Set!!!

I had a GREAT weekend, and to cap it all off, I've got a new bento set!  (Actually I bought the bento, fork, chopsticks (not shown) all in San Francisco over a month ago, for $1.50 a piece, and the belt was a gift a month or two ago from Lilly, I've used it for other non-matching bento things, and I've just been waiting for the bag/kinchaku to arrive so I can use the whole set as one... haha, I'm a HUGE DORK.) 

The bag, filled in all its glory.  (Urara Rabbit, by Lube Sheep)

WHAT COULD BE INSIDE?  Is it my lunch or is it the dog's biscuits?!  (Just kidding.  I'm just trying to make the suspense more exciting!)

I know it looks like an alien tilting its head, or if you're not looking carefully it does, but it's actually an eagle's eye view of a really fat bunny.  With a slightly smaller one next to it.  Which is what makes me think it's so gosh darn cute!

There's even a space on top to fit a pair of chopsticks and/or a fork!  They sell matching chopsticks/forks.  The fork fits neatly, but, despite having bought the chopsticks from the same place as the box, my chopsticks don't fit.  They're too long.  Even though the stupid label said 15 cm or whatever and I bought that size, but thankfully, I also bought a matching chopsticks case, so I'll be using that when I need the chopsticks for lunch.  How cute?!  I wish I had bought the chopsticks that fit though, this is a bit annoying in that the chopsticks case is a big long so when I put it in the bag, it kind of bulges in the bag. 

And what you really all want to see: the food.

Would you believe this box is actually smaller than the black one I normally use?  Good, smaller portions for me equals faster weight loss...

I'm a bit silly this way, but I couldn't help but pack the penne in all lined up... so it'd fit better!  Hahaha... and another cute/different thing about this box from my other one is that the smaller tier in this one goes on the bottom!

Top tier: "Vitello Martini", essentially veal francaise from a restaurant I went to on Saturday; penne alla vodka from a neighborhood Italian joint with excellent food; steamed broccoli spears
Bottom tier: Napa cabbage sauteed with garlic chips; the last of the seaweed salad

Happy Bento~!!!


  1. Guess what guess what?!?! I made my very first bento today. :D Brought it to school to eat between classes. Potstickers on the bottom and a fruit salad on the top... not nearly as awesome as all of your bentos, but still yummy! I'm so proud of my silly little bento. :P Eventually maybe my bentos will be as cool as yours!

  2. cathy@noteatingoutinnyOctober 18, 2007 at 12:02 PM

    OMG! Where can I buy one of those boxes of awesomeness??

  3. Way too cute. Especially with the little pouch!