Monday, August 27, 2007

Feisty Bento #27: Lock & Lock

Told you I'd use those brand new bento supplies sooner than later!!! Love the belt! I love the fat lil bunny on top of it especially, haha. It's keeping my two separate Lock & Lock containers tightly together. No kinchaku/wrap/bag around my bento today because the size of these boxes would take up too much room in a bag, inside my ('specially purchased handbag to fit a book for my commute + my bento right side up) bag. But loving it!!!

And, the contents.

turkey+cilantro+mayo+Romaine+tomato sandwiches on 12 grain bread; grape tomatoes & organic baby carrots orange bell peppers + roasted pine nut hummus

I like how quick it is to make sandwich bentos. Plus I have the stuff so I have to use it before it goes bad. If you looked inside my fridge, though, you'd be terrified; there is enough food in there that I could just not go to work for a week and not leave the house, and not go hungry. Yes, that's a lot of nots, but oh well. And I LOVE hummus... that creamy, salty goodness (seriously, no pervy jokes or I will hurt you) on crunchy veggies is the bestest.

Packed in a 430 ml Lock & Lock along with a 180 ml Lock & Lock container, both purchased at Han Ah Reum on Northern Blvd. separately. These are great containers with a supposedly airtight seal- haven't tested this theory and will not be, but they are popular among the bento-making set for their ease of use, locks on all sides and variety of sizes.

Happy Bento!

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  1. I can't tell if the sandwich on the lower right is a car, or a pig, or a turtle.