Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Feisty Bento #17: Beef Satay

Gyoza with piggy bottle; green grapes
Peanut sauce in lion face container; Malaysian beef satay (restaurant leftovers) over couscous salad (yummy with peanut sauce and the cucumbers?!  Drool!)

I'm so stupid.  Went to Mitsuwa on Sunday and saw they had the Leaflet Tight box I bought (the small green one) in a slightly larger size, for only a dollar more, and I didn't buy it.  The green one is a good shape and pretty cheap - like $13.99 for the 650 ml one, and the one I bought 500 ml is $12.99.  Arghhh... could have used it... ah well.  What would I do with my green one, then?  I guess pack snack-bentos???  I don't know... doh-well.

Happy Bento!

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