Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Feisty Bento #29: Two Car Family

I decided to sleep in a little today because someone woke me up close to midnight and kept me up for 20 minutes!!! and, as usual, I had trouble falling back asleep.  I don't have much trouble [anymore] falling asleep, just falling back asleep after I've been woken.  My mind goes nuts.  In any case, when I woke up, I was bleary and knew that sandwich bento would be the quickest way to get myself out the door and on my way to work on time. 

To brighten it up a bit, I used cutters to make a heart and star orange bell pepper before chopping the rest of the pepper up and scattering it around the salad.  (Hidden underneath are tomato chunks and then just some Romaine lettuce.)  The sandwiches are the usual that I've been preparing, and some grape tomatoes for a sweet burst of juiciness.

Happy Bento!!!

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