Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Feisty Bento #24: More Sandwiches

Another sandwich bento today; woke up late and was trying to make whatever would be the quickest.  Since there's no cooking and no cooling involved in sandwich bento, and I still have bread/turkey/etc., it was fairly easy to whip this one up.  Too bad it looks nearly identical to yesterday's except I used the two biggest cutters I had (the heart and a car) so I could get the most sandwich out of it

The awkward thing is... since I was running late, I was unable to eat the sandwich scraps for breakfast at home like I did yesterday.  So I stuffed it into a sandwich baggie and brought it to work (I don't really like eating on the train).  So now, if someone walks by, they might wonder why the hell I'm eating a sandwich with two big "holes" in the center... lol!

Bento-related... the nicest thing ever!!!  My brother's friend in LA heard that I was bento-crazed and having trouble finding things here on the East Coast.  He told her how I was searching for this one bento/lunch jar set with bunnies + the moon, and she went to look for it for me!  But that's not the nicest part. 

Hello Kitty onigiri wrappers (if you ever buy onigiri at Chiyoda, Zaiya- these keep the seaweed separate from the rice until you unwrap, to prevent the seaweed from sogging up.  These are super cute though- they've got Hello Kitty designs on it and little Hello Kitty head stickers to seal them, that you can write on what kind of onigiri it is!!!), sauce bottles in the shape of tomatoes, carrots and a green bell pepper, and a bento belt (for holding your containers shut).  SO ADORABLE~ kawaii~! ^_^

When she couldn't find the moon+bunny lunch jar I wanted, she went ahead and bought me some stuff that's hard to find here!!!  How freaking sweet is that?!?! 

Thanks Lilly!!!  I love it!!!!

Expect to see this stuff in action soon!

Happy Bento!

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