Friday, August 10, 2007

Feisty Bento #18: Pizza & Salad

This is interesting.  I tried to do this in a hurry.  Leftovers from last night's dinner - I know, isn't it a bit weird?  I don't normally ask to have my salad packed up, but it was my entree and I still had a decent amount left, just enough, in fact, to fit perfectly in the bottom tier - on the left, fried chicken tenders with Romaine lettuce, tossed with honey mustard, cheddar, tomatoes, bacon, red bell peppers, yummy.  It actually also had "vermicelli"/angel hair in it originally but I accidentally ate all of that during dinner.  (I mean, I wasn't purposely trying to eat it all.  Really.) 

The right side, slightly more interesting; I packed pizza (from Singa's, from the other night)!  Pizza and salad, what could be healthier?  Broken into bits you see their garlic breadsticks with cheese (really yummy and cheaper than the pizza, funny enough), marinara in the cup for the breadsticks.  There's a small slice of pizza with sausage on the bottom.  (I heated these items in the toaster oven, then let them cool a bit before packing.)

Happy Bento!


  1. Mmmm that salad sounds really good! I'm going through all your old archives because I had no idea that you had a bento site!!! Hehe more opportunities for me to drool over all the fantastic food you get to eat! :D

  2. pizza... bento... does, not, compute haha. Just not what I think of when I hear 'bento.'