Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feisty Bento #51: New ideas

Top tier: Romaine lettuce for the "wrap sushi" - whole wheat tortilla spread with pesto mayo, turkey slices, thinly sliced tomato.  This proves conclusively that I cannot, for the life of me, roll sushi- I don't understand!  It was so hard to roll this up, when logically, it should have just been, well, roll up tightly, no?  Ah well.  It still tastes good (I ate the ends when it was clear it wasn't going to fit in the box).

Bottom tier: new ideas, new ideas!  Normal cooked Napa cabbage on the left, and on the right... mini-shepherd's pie (I've got to fix that recipe; it is NOT one cup of soy sauce, more like a few tablespoons, my bad, I wrote that way back before I knew what a cup was)!  Well, not real shepherd's pie, I don't think, but my version, with a few tweaks this time around- I used individual aluminum muffin liners that claim "no muffin pan needed, these will stand up on their own!" and... added cheese on top, which I do not normally do, but sounded like it might be a yummy addition.  Here's hoping!

The color scheme is way off this morning, but probably because I was rushing around trying to do a million other things before I left, and it was really grossly humid and hot, which makes me move slower.  Ah well. 

I prepared a couple of these mini-shepherd's pies last night and popped them in the fridge, so this morning all I had to do was plunk them into the toaster oven and turn it to 350.  When the cheese had melted and I thought the whole thing was probably heated through, I turned the broiler on and browned the tops of the cheese really quickly (well, I was pressed for time, so I just crisped it without any browning).  Voila!  I am going to try to freeze a few as well and see how that turns out for re-heating down the line. 

As always, happy bento!!!

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