Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feisty Bento #53: Thank you

I made these two - that's right, two! - bento today.  And neither of them are for me! 

My darling friends & coworkers, Orzo and Debbie Downer, both are an invaluable help to me personally.  In my personal life, not with work or anything (because we all know they're both kind of useless with work problems- just kidding, haha), and to show my gratitude, I whipped up these two bento for them. 

(As for me, because we wound up going out for pizza yesterday, I just stuck mine in the fridge and am going to eat it today.)

Left bento, blue for Orzo's supposed status as a boy: garlic pesto tortilla wrapped around ham, cheese, a bit of mayo, green onion and tomato; mock shepherd's pie; 5 mini Milano cookies.
Right bento, neutral color for Debbie Downer- the cover says "Happy Everyday!", a reference to a private joke: 5 mini Milano cookies; mock shepherd's pie; sun dried tomato tortilla wrapped around hummus, broiled asparagus and red bell pepper. 

Did you notice, I'm getting better at this rolling thing?  I figured out that you have to pull back a bit to tighten the insides before rolling it.  Hah... um, yeah.  So maybe that would have been obvious but like I said, I don't roll sushi, though I've seen people do it before, so I was just like, OHHH.... and I'm picking up a few tricks here and there.  Maybe I will be able to roll sushi one day! 

Oh, and the mock-shepherd's pie didn't get cheese this time around because I didn't like how the cheese was after sitting at room temp until lunch time.  It had cooled, of course, but the texture and taste didn't do it for me.  Ah well.  The one I froze had cheese on top of it, so we'll see how that fares in a week or so...

Happy Bento!!!

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  1. How... do I trick/get my friends to cook for me. I've failed at that pretty hard up till this point.