Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Feisty Bento #64: Smelly Lunch

Top tier: those are not olives, they are black grapes; two dumplings or something; more BBQ rib meat cut up (expect at least one more day of that).
Bottom tier: green veggies, and more potato salad.

I think my brother played a trick on me.  He told me there were dumplings or something in the fridge that I could have.  I opened up the fridge and found two fried woh-tiep, so I popped them in the toaster oven blahblah and you see them here.  Well, when I got on the bus, I smelled something funky.  Then I realized... the funky thing?  ...was me!  There's leeks or something smelly in those things, and now I smell horrendous... like farts.  Blegh :P

And the potato salad sucks ass.  My mom used truffle mustard and I don't like truffles 90% of the time (it has to be in the right application for me to enjoy).  Boo.  And I guess she was tired or mad at me or I don't know what, but no big box of cooked veggies, so I'm struggling for veggies this week.  I stole those greens out of a wonton mien I found in the fridge.  Boo. 

Ah well, no complaints, at least I have food to eat!  Happy Bento'ing!!!

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  1. The story of the smell on the bus - that is hilarious, I've done that! Nice-looking bento anyway! M