Monday, March 23, 2009

Feisty Bento #315 & 316: It's what's inside that counts


Today's lunch is so delicious!  So wonderful!  I know it doesn't look like much, but I assure you - uber delicious.

Top tier: portobello parmesan over a small bit of spaghetti
Bottom tier: roasted broccoli

Two things - though I link to a recipe for the portobello parmesan, I've tweaked it and am going to post the update soon.  So you may want to hold off before I tell you how to elevate it to new heights ;) 

And yes, I'm addicted to that roasted broccoli.  Three weeks in a row and I don't think I'm tired of it yet.  Wow.  That's gotta be a record of some sort for me. 

(BTW, I also have an orange that I will eat with this bento.)


Dinner tonight, before I hopefully get to present for my English class - another "What's so great about that?" picture - is portobello fajitas.  Recipe definitely to come soon.  But these are delicious!  (They are also all encompassing: vegetables, starch, cheese and sour cream for dairy, ... OK so there's no protein.  Whatever.) 

So I gave Keywee yet another new toy (remember her last one?).


Per usual, she does not like to share once she's got a new toy - after it's not new anymore, after it's lost its appeal, she will gladly throw toys into my lap to play with her.  Anyway, this is her hunkering down on my bed, all annoyed that I'm in her face.  She was starting to aggravate me because when I'd gone to move the toy earlier, she'd went to snap at the toy (to take it back) and wound up nailing my thumb good.  I spent a good 15 minutes with my face pressed to hers, growling at her. 

What?  You don't growl at your dog?  ;P 

So an hour or two later, she was still on my bed, chewing on that toy making it squeak (received from Judi via Swap-Bot in the "Let's Hear it for the Dogs!" swap - thanks, Judi!!!  She loves it! - and yes I am totally addicted to swapping), so I took a video.  (No squeaking because she was guarding the toy with her life.)

Yeah... I wound up hiding the toy from her later so I could get some sleep, haha.

Remember - think outside the lunchbox!  :)


  1. About the addiction to Roasted Broccoli - the same thing happened to me when I discovered roasted cauliflower. We (mostly me) went through about 3 full cauliflower heads in a couple weeks. I still haven't made cauliflower any other way since then.

  2. mmmmm the mushrooms are so good I love them grilled never thought to add them with spagetti sauce [making a note] and yay! for the orange ;)

    I love the blue bow on your puppy and when you moved her lil' kercheif - I laughed because she squeaked like a was so dang cute!

    At least I now have a bit of an idea of what to put in the "Happy Swap" - ya'think broccoli travels real well? j/

  3. mmmm..... portabella anything!
    And don't worry, there is protein, ~1g per oz (28g) of wonderful 'shroom goodness.

  4. I hiss at my cats. You're normal. ;)