Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feisty Bento #317: Ready to Roll Out


Top: a few orange segments (I ate the rest of the orange after I cut it and it didn't fit)
Bottom: toasted high fiber whole grain bread schmeared with 'luscious lemon' hummus and red bell pepper slices; extra red bell pepper slices to fill the gaps

This was sort of meant to be a lunch bento since I've got my aerobics class tonight and normally only eat an apple before that, but I wound up going to lunch with my new lunch buddy, Spam, so I'll eat this before class tonight instead.  Mmm.  Lunch was good.  No review to come cuz it's my 'secret' spot.  Hahaha. 


When I was walking to the bus this morning, I saw this on the back of a car where normally your car maker's emblem is.  I thought it was cute so I took a photo.  Hahaha. 

Think outside the lunchbox !  :)

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