Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feisty Bento #321: Repeats


Basically a repeat of yesterday's - mini quiches (still have a whole giant box of them!) and edamame. 

Thanks for all the concern on yesterday's post!  I kind of ran out of here after posting and didn't really finish my thoughts.  I responded to most of the comments (within the comment section) in case you missed it.  I think I just have been pushing myself a little too hard in terms of exercise - last week, I logged more than 11 miles plus an aerobics class.  Not really a lot, per se, but more than my usual 5-7 miles per week, and probably an awful lot to take on in the first week that I stopped eating any animal flesh (cuz last week was the first week not eating fish as well).  I can't say I'm easing up on the exercise - last night, class was unexpectedly cancelled (after I already was waiting on campus almost an hour for it to start, argh!), so I rushed home and hit the gym, ran 2.52 miles then went home to relax a bit before sleeping - speaking of which, I thought it was just me, but looking over people's status messages on Facebook today, a LOT of people seemed to have had insomnia last night!  I kept waking up every 30 minutes literally and getting so frustrated.  I thought it was because I exercised too soon before sleeping, but seriously, 15-20 people or more on Facebook wrote about having trouble sleeping last night, and I received some oddly timed emails that included notes saying "I couldn't sleep so I decided to write to you," haha. 

One last thing: 9 more days until the Meat Hiatus ends.  Any ideas what to eat as my first meal back eating meat?  Bear in mind that it's breakfast, and directly afterwards, I will be getting on a flight to Vegas, so it can't be anything too crazy (ie, have to travel into Manhattan to get at a specific restaurant - my flight is at 8:30 or 9:30am out of JFK, so that's too much rushing around) and too ridiculous that I might get sick from meat overload in one shot.  I mean, I will be gorging myself on meat in Vegas, but I'll be okay getting sick there, at least I have the freedom to move around and not be stuck on an airplane for hours. 

Okay, I'm off!  And: http://twitter.com/feistyfoodie I joined like a month ago or something, and I just Tweeted for the first time.  I don't anticipate I'll be updating frequently, but if you like, you can add me.  :)

Think outside the lunchbox~!!!


  1. it must include bacon. that is all i can say :)

  2. whatever you do, don't go nuts and eat an unreasonable amount of meat on the first day :) haha, you'll hate it for weeks afterwards, that would be no good...

    as for suggestions, since it's breakfast, a light cornbeef hash might be appropriate