Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feisty Bento #322: Turkey Sandwich


So, here's the story.  I ordered two Veggie Delight sandwiches from Subway the other day because I had a coupon.  I was busy BB'ing while he was making the sandwiches, and just said yes to everything except hot peppers.  Right?  Right. 

This morning, I slapped together this bento in a rush, containing half of one of the sandwiches - I'd eaten the first one already - and some edamame. 

Then, I took the last remaining half and took a bite of it.  Normally, I don't look at this kind of food much while I eat it - I mean, especially given that it's in the morning and I usually take a bite of whatever, then rush around the apartment while I chew/swallow.  But today, since the bento took me literally 5 minutes IF THAT to pack, I was standing in the kitchen eating, when I looked down at the sandwich.  It looked funny. 

It looked like there was meat in it.

Oddly enough, it didn't TASTE like there was meat in it; it tasted much the same as the sandwich I'd eaten two nights ago with no meat in it.  I just looked down and something didn't look right so I pulled it open, first bite still in my mouth, and discovered there was turkey in there.  Slices laid neatly in a row.  I immediately began spitting out the bite in my mouth and picked out all of the turkey in there.  What the hell?!  Seriously?! 

I found it most interesting that having turkey in the sandwich hadn't made it taste any better; why will I ever bother getting another turkey sandwich from Subway?  (Not that I eat there all that often anyway, but you know, this just furthers that opinion.) 

Anyway, so when lunchtime rolled around, I opened up the box, ate all the edamame, and then threw away the sandwich because I didn't want to pick through it to take out the turkey.  I got a slice of pizza instead. 

So there you have it.  Thank goodness I looked down and thank goodness I didn't swallow.  I didn't swallow so it doesn't count. 


Think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. I find that unless you get a hot sandwich or something with substance [like pepperoni or salami] ALL sandwiches at subway taste like the veggie special [which I love]

    Then again we don't eat there often anyway, but I see how you wouldn't know.

    I love the veggie with oil and vinegar, s/p, pepper relish, no cheese...yum....

  2. I would go back to subway and tell the manager! What if you were vegetarian for religious reasons and you took a semi-bite of the meat! I think the manager needs to know - and YOU need a free veggie sammich! ^^

  3. avie-
    The manager would probably scold her for not paying attention while the sandwich was being made. That's why they assemble them right in front of you, so you can make sure it has what you want on it.

  4. SkippyMom - to be honest, I never would have gotten the veggie except for 1-having the coupon and not wanting it to go to waste and 2-being "unable" to eat meat. But now I know! and it's so much cheaper than the other sandwiches there, too! It'll do in a bind from now on, that's for sure :)

    Avie - I didn't even think of that! That's very true - trying to not eat meat and still go out has been hard because I hate being the one to ask "Is there meat in this? No, it's okay if it's made with chicken broth, but not okay if there's chicken in it. Alright. Thanks for checking" because it feels so... yeah.

    Amy - that's a good point too. It is partially my fault for not paying attention while he was making the sandwich. Seriously though "Two veggie delights" can't sound like "One veggie delight and one turkey sandwich!" ... haha

  5. I always get the Veggie at Subway - with no cheese. Tastes exactly the same :)