Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feisty Bento #314: Mmm random goodness


Top tier: roasted broccoli; cabbage boiled in butter
Bottom tier: maple glazed salmon; random rice

Mmm.... that's delicious. 

Crazed lately with work and stuff - oh and that presentation?  We were set to go last (the professor chose our order), out of 5 groups.  Only two groups managed to go last night.  So now I'm not sure if we'll even get to go on Monday!  What the heck!  We weren't completely ready to go but I wanted to just wing it, go for it and whatever. 

(The other two groups... one was really good, the other was... not so good.  So if we're graded comparatively, so far, I'm thinking we'll do OK.) 

Ahhh.  Tomorrow is Friday, and it can't come sooner. 

Think outside the lunchbox, y'all!  Probably no bento tomorrow because it's my gym day, but we'll see :)


  1. If I missed the comment somewhere, forgive me for asking, but....

    Do you have plans to share that maple-glazed salmon process on FF sometime in the future? Just wondering...

  2. Everyone should have a PWO bento... Carbs for the insulin spike, and protein for the recovery :D!

    Enjoy your workout, but look forward to the meal afterwards (works for me anyway)