Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feisty Bento #11: Masago

Top : na mool; takuan; gyoza with piggie (yes, I wash and refill him); edamame Bottom : homemade onigiri with canned tuna+dab of mayo+pickle relish+MASAGO... so good, tamago (tiny fish eggs) add a nice "crunch" and slight saltiness to it; one stip of bacon; three small laughing cow cheese bites plus one wedge of garlic & herb (I may not eat the cheese; it was just to fit in the empty space, honestly); steamed spinach which will get a squirt of lemon later before I eat it; mango & pineapple; more na mool

As you can see, I was struggling to fill blank spaces- those cups and onigiri are such odd shapes to work around! Ah well. And I'm trying to be healthy... I miss my greens/veggies!

I actually woke up early to make the onigiri "fresh" this morning (and made one for breakfast, too!). I made the rice last night and put the Zojirushi rice cooker on Extended Keep Warm. (I added the vinegar last night, too.) Yum. None of this freezing-reheating... though that does have its good side of course. It just takes some time to make them in the morning.

Oh, and I went to Sunrise Mart (on St. Mark's Place) last night to pick up the masago, and noticed that they have bento there! Single tiered Vive brand- they're like my green one, without any design on them. They come in black, dark blue, white, and possibly some girly colors but I didn't pay too much attention except the prices are really good (all under $20), though they don't come with a kinchaku/bag to hold them in. These also appear to be microwavable, actually, which is a big bonus to some people. Oh, and some of them have removable cups like mine, but most of them had a single straight divider to split it into two sections, adjustable. Hope that helps some people (They're by the check out counter, directly to the left.)


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