Monday, July 9, 2007

Feisty Bento #3: Takeout Leftover Rebadge

What's this?
A present... for me???

What's inside???

Meow?  Yumminess peeking out!

Ta-da!  Revealed!!!
From top left: salsa; black beans; sour cream, shredded cheese, steak, peppers & onions, homemade tortilla chips + two Laughing Cow cheese bites

This is yet another great example of rebadging leftovers.  Saturday night found us hungry, so we ordered from Taco King - the "pound of steak fajitas" dealie, which comes with a pound of steak, peppers & onions, black beans, homemade salsa (which I think is more like a tomato puree with onion and some hot pepper, but not salsa the way I like...), and 10 freshly made tortillas.  I kept thinking how I could package this and finally wound up cutting the tortillas into 8ths and toasting them to make them... tortilla chips!  I put some cheese in there to keep the chips stable for transport, as they say.  The sour cream and cheese were store bought- I like my fajitas a bit gooey- and I added extra beans because I think I can count those as vegetables, right?  Yum, yum. 

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