Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feisty Bento #358: Repeat of the CSA Bento!


It's more of the same as yesterday.  And tomorrow will be the same, too. 

Pasta with sauteed veggies, goat cheese.

So last night, in a fit of rage and anger over this entire week and its goings on, I left my apartment and took a long walk over to Citi Field.  When the season began - or even last year, when I'd purchased my first Sunday plan - I casually remarked that I could walk to the stadium, if I wanted.  People scoffed and doubted me.  Well.  It took me 30-40 minutes, not a bad walk at all.  Suckers.  You're all wrong! 

And I took some pics, which could use some processing, but I was in a rush and uploaded them this morning straight. 


As you approach the stadium from the LIRR platform


Closer up... here's the signage.


The Globe - this is the best pic I caught, but it would be better if I cropped it slightly to cut out the lamp on the left side of the pic, which I'll do tonight. 


The other side... was trying to get the US in the pic, but you can see Florida and just a bit of the rest.  Just how the world is tilted at this time of year (ha... nerd joke!) I guess.


Slightly further away. 


An attempt at a shot of the moon as I was on my way home, but it was hard to keep my hands steady in the super dark park.  Ah well. 

Nice pictures, eh?  I'm being a little sarcastic.  I know I can take better... I just have to practice, but it gets frustrating sometimes for me.  I won't go into that right now though, I need to leave.  Haha.

Think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. How far is it from your house to Citifield (obviously so I can pinpoint your house location based on radii :D)?

    In all seriousness, it must be a nice relaxing walk. Summer night, (hopefully) not too hot, headed toward a baseball game. Sounds doable/pleasant to me...

  2. I love greens in my pasta - spinach and chard are my favorites. I like the color isolating feature thing (wrong post, can't remember what it's called), looks like fun, though I guess it might be more of a novelty that a really useful tool. But I wonder how it would work on night shots, like could you pick the silver of the globe and the rest be all gray/black?

  3. Looks like a terrific lunch. Beautiful photos. I wonder if my camera can do color select? I loved the orange bag on the black and white desk. that has a lot of possibilities.