Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feisty Bento #362: But I guess it does get better


Do you know what those are?



Try the best cherries in the world (Golden Rainier cherries), and my breakfast.  $4 a lb. makes them not so cheap, but hell, 1 lb. does me fine for breakfast and they are so good.  Lightly sweet, gently bursting with their wonderful flavor... I feel they're often overlooked.  Ah well.  Mmm.

I have two pics of today's lunch.


This is to show you from the side my tweak of the zucchini-potato gratin that I made last week and wanted to boost a little.  It's thicker this time because I had two zucchinis instead of just one, and I added some extra ingredients between the zucchini & potato layers.  How delicious does that look???  God I love being part of a CSA!!!  Recipe will come soon I promise!


The full bento. 

Two slices of zucchini-potato gratin; roasted cipollini onions & roasted beets, just thrown together though they weren't roasted together (concurrently but not together).  It looks like not that much, right?  But I was super full after eating this actually... not uncomfortably so but just a touch before that.  Very odd because I didn't think I'd be completely full.  Guess the potato (and cheese) really do something for that :)

Think outside the lunchbox!!!

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  1. And now I'm wanting to try beets. Which in actuality I've wanted to try for quite awhile now. Just haven't worked up the courage yet.