Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feisty Bento #176: Smaller bento

Ordered a ton of stuff from Ichiban Kan online and it arrived.  I was so happy, digging through the box, though not so thrilled with the stupid foam peanuts.  Come on!  That's not environmentally friendly... grrr. 

One of the many boxes I bought...

The box itself

And my lunch!  This box is substantially smaller than my red two-tiered box.  I'm still hungry afterwards, which is good for losing weight, though not so good when I finish eating, am like "I'm still hungry!" and then go get a snack that blows the whole diet thing out the door.  HOWEVER... I also recently switched to one tier of veggies/fruits, so that might be what's causing the hunger pangs as well... who knows?!

Top tier: some sort of tomato ground beef stewish mixture, it's not that salty so it tastes great by itself (recipe to come); sauteed green beans with ground pork; curried salmon orzo
Bottom tier: two golden rainier cherries; 5 seedless red skinned grapes; grape tomatoes; baby carrots; cucumber slices
Not shown: small cup of tzatziki for the veggies

That wasn't really the last of the curried salmon orzo, but I wound up throwing out the rest.  It wasn't much left, but partially to make room in my fridge, partially because I was tired of it, and honestly, it was over a week old.  Maybe 10 days.  Seemed to be past its prime, even if it was made with dehydrated salmon. 

Happy bento!!!


  1. Can you believe I've resisted ordering anything from them? Though I do feel my resolve weakening...posts like this aren't helping!

  2. Ichiban Kan Web TeamJune 11, 2008 at 2:41 PM

    Regarding the packing materials, we are trying to use up those peanuts while using paper filling as well. Thanks for shopping at Ichiban Kan!
    We will try to be environmentally friendly. :)