Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feisty Bento #177: Cherry Pink Bento

Dinner last night... basil so fresh, I'd literally just picked it off my plant!  A creamy pasta made possible by the addition of ricotta, coating each piece, along with ground beef, tomatoes, peas... yum.  Perfect on a rainy, cool night. 

Homemade ice cream sandwich.  Well, not really homemade, since I bought the cookies, and I bought the ice cream, but I put them together.  And damn were they good.  Admittedly I first saw the idea on Rachael Ray - whom I like - but when I took a bite of the store bought cookie yesterday, the first thought that came to mind was, "Hmm, texture and taste like an ice cream sandwich cookie... Think I shall do that tonight." 

My local supermarket is so ghetto that the ice cream was half melted and they didn't have coffee (a favorite of the BF's), but I had no choice.  Anyway, I was going to have to thaw it a little in order to make the sandwich, so whatever. 

Photo of the bf enjoying the cold treat.  He was hot, I was cold.  Oh well.  Blurred at his request - he's not a fan of being exposed on the internet.

Homemade salsa for tonight's food blogger potluck... unfortunately I was so tired that I kind of fucked it up... I don't really know, my stomach was hurting so I couldn't really keep tasting it to figure out what was wrong.  Oops.  OH WELL.  I AM TOO TIRED TO CARE DAMMIT.  I hope they like it anyway!

Today's bento!  Another new bento - Ooh, pink... pretty... yes, my favorite color.  Impractical for bento though ... boo.

Dunno what's wrong with the color in this pic... sheesh.

And... today's bento!  Yay!

Top tier: tzatziki sauce; baby carrots; grape tomatoes
Bottom tier: sauteed green beans with ground pork; leftover pasta with extra meat "sauce" added on top

Mmmm.... tasty!  HAPPY BENTO!!!


  1. You must have a huge bento box collection.

  2. I love all your new bento stuff. I just got my other order today (shame on me for making a second order). Your post has me so hungry now!