Monday, June 2, 2008

Feisty Bento #174: So much goodness, so little space

Obligatory pictures of the weekend!

Oh my delicious pork ribs. Dinner on Friday night.

After dinner drinks.

Brunch on Saturday.

Ping pong after brunch.

Snack after ping pong.

And my Sunday night. (The day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, as most Sundays are.) (I realize the ticket says 1 pm but they changed game time to 8.)

And yet another shot of my baby at bat. He did well last night. The whole team did. But him... oh damn, I was seriously getting goosebumps watching him. Sigh. If only he liked Asian girls. Wait a second, who DOESN'T like Asian girls?! Hahahaha

And... bento.

Top tier: marinated squid; two gimbap; Woorijip "spicy" chicken (the Korean tier, as you can see) Bottom tier: sauteed mushrooms; sauteed cabbage; kickin' chicken

As always, happy bento everyone! YUMMY!!!

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