Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feisty Bento #180: Tenmari Bento

This is a completely ridiculous picture that BF made me take last night.  I'm faking the smile (although I do actually look quite happy) because I'm actually quite grumpy.  It was 7:35 and our movie was at 8:10 but we were still waiting for a seat.  We got to the theater at 8:21 and managed to only miss the teensiest bit.  I don't think it hurt our enjoyment (or lack..) of the movie, either.

I look so farking tan, though...

Yet another new bento set.  This one is in an insulated bag- well, so they said, but the bag is pretty thin, just seems to be lined with tin foil looking material.  We'll see later if it kept my warm pasta warm and my cold hummus cold ;)

What's inside...?  Too bad I don't have the matching fork for this.  Oh well.  Yes, I'm a sucker for matching things; it means I don't have to think!

And here's my bento for today.

Top tier: Hummus; baby carrots; smoked almonds tucked along the side
Bottom tier: green beans; more pasta

Yep, I made a huge container of the beans and pasta, so expect to see it a few more times.  I haven't been eating dinner at home, so tons of leftovers solely for bento :)



  1. oh my word you were very nearly attacked by a giant hamburger! and it appears someone has been shopping at Ichiban Kan. I swear it's just a matter of time now before I break down and whip out the old credit card.

  2. Thats a giant burger!

    Where do you order those bento box.

  3. aww you look super cute in your pic!

  4. i'm curious if the tenmari bag worked for you. everyone tells me the lining is like the lining in pizza delivery bags!