Monday, May 5, 2008

Feisty Bento #161: Cinco de Mayo!

I had a fun-filled, packed packed packed but still productive weekend...

Friday: Started off with a really crappy work day, so C & I headed over to the happiest place on earth, I mean, midtown for some dollar store shopping and then K-town for banchan shopping... (yes, we love grocery shopping, shut up!) then finally ended up at Mandoo Bar!  I've never been and dude, my mandoo was sooOOooOOooOOoo good!  I've never really had mandoo like this before.  I also never really had mandoo before.

Afterwards, we headed over to Pinkberry for my first ever cup of Pinkberry.

Saturday: I'd bought some goodies at Woorijip while we were in K-town and to my delight, I think I finally found the spicy chicken wings that I've been looking for since forEVER...

In the package... (oh, this is on Saturday because I ate them on Saturday!)

Not really spicy, but you can see on the package it says it's spicy! 

I also picked up...

gim bap.  YUM... though this didn't have burdock or whatever the brown stuff is that's usually in it... still pretty darn tasty.  $3 for a tray, not bad!

Went to donate my hair, then it was off to the game!

... the Yankees/Mariners game, that is!  Can you spot the guy whose hat was annoying us!  Oh well.  What a terrible game.  Even if I weren't a fan of the Mariners, the playing by them was just horrible and sloppy.  So many times a Yankee would line it up the center right through a giant hole - if that happens so much, someone needs to cover the hole!  Shit!  It was a depressing huge loss by the Mariners... and this is probably the last time I'll ever go to Yankees Stadium (well, this one, since they named the new one the same thing). 

Afterwards, off to Elvie's for authentic Phillipine cuisine!

Ended the night on a high note, hanging with friends, chatting, screaming, joking, etc. at Veniero's for pastries and coffee...

Sunday: Super productive day.  I woke up after decent amount of sleep, went to Pilates class (gasp! yes, I went, and will be back at the gym tonight, I'm so proud of myself, tear!), headed back home, cleaned up a little bit, played my game, got a noble, started attacking the neighboring village, went to my mother's and washed my blankets and bath rug, cleaned out the first floor bathroom in anticipation of some work she's having done, went back to my place and brought some more stuff with me, attacked the neighboring village again, went out on a dinner date to the "latest hot spot" with my boo...

His veal chop.

Afterwards, we went home and I "helped" him assemble my bed... finally!  My bed is off the floor!  WHEE!!  Then I attacked the neighboring village one more time, effectively causing it to become mine!!!  WOOHOO! 

Like I said, very productive weekend.

Last but oh-so-not-least!  Bento in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  (Guacamole for dinner tonight...)

Same thing as Friday's bento, I CAN'T WAIT TO DIG IN!!!

Oh happy Cinco de Mayo to y'all, even if you're not Mexican!  It's a great day for drinking, and the weather has become really nice here in sunny ol' NYC!



  1. Locks of love is awesome! I did this three years ago and I'm growing out to do it again! how much length did you lose?

  2. wow! 10" is a lot of hair - very impressive. Isn't it a shock to have it that short at once? I kept trying to brush hair that wasn't there for a month!

  3. It all sounds fabulous. Your life rocks. What store(s) do you like to do food shopping at in K-town? And now a very random question: Did you ever find a good source for beef cheeks in NYC?