Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feisty Bento #172: (Relatively) Beautiful Bento

Look!!! I actually bothered with a halfway decent bento that isn't just 2 items in each box.

So I think I figured it out. It's a vicious cycle. Go to sleep late, wake up groggy and don't bother with making a decent bento, feel worse throughout the day knowing lunch is pretty crappy... So today I'm actually feeling good, so I think that's really why. Fascinating!

Top tier: sauteed button mushrooms; sauteed Napa cabbage; BBQ chicken thighs Bottom tier: 6 dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe's; marinated squid banchan; and almost the last of the curried salmon orzo

The dark chocolate covered pretzels are good, but not quite as good as the peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels. I like the pb ones because they're sweet and salty and creamy, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I love salty snacks, I'm not into sweets that much, so this is perfect for me. I love those...

And yes, the curreid salmon orzo is almost all gone, thankfully. It's a good way to add some carbs to my bento, but I am getting a bit bored of it. Will whip up something else tonight. I wanted to make carbonara last night, actually, but then I felt a bit lazy and instead made just the chicken. Oh, and sauteed the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil. And... (ok I guess I wasn't THAT lazy) I made:

My dinner last night - miso soup with mushrooms. Damn tasty if you ask me. Really easy to make, too- just a couple of scoops of miso from the container, a sprinkling of hon-dashi granules, and 3 sliced up button mushrooms. Very yummy.

HAPPY BENTO!!! I can't wait for lunch!!!

Edited (7/29/08): Entering this into Bento Pet's competition!


  1. That all looks deelish! What's on the chicken?

  2. miso soup looks soooo good. and I still have an hour until lunch, darn it.

  3. ack, that made me hungry all over again. great looking bento. i completely understand about the bento variety. the days my bento is less than enthusiastic, so am i.

  4. Where can I get the Miso mix? I love Miso and think this will be great for a dinner side. Do tell! Thanks a mill!

  5. Bonzo - bbq sauce, of course!
    bibi- I just buy miso paste in a tub and scoop some into boiling water, add some hon-dashi granules, and then sliced some button mushrooms into it. you can use this broth for lots of things, I also like to add udon into it with dumplings or something and that's a great meal, the broth is fantastic :)

  6. Congrats on shortlisting at Bento Pet!!!