Thursday, January 17, 2008

Feisty Bento #106: International Day of Italian Cuisines

Left: spaghetti alla carbonara
Middle, from top: Sabra brand roasted pine nut hummus; grape tomatoes and cucumbers; Harry & David pears
Right (drink container): not-from-concentrate orange juice, partially frozen

Here's the set I used mentioned here with the drink container, though still without the orange lids.  Oops.  And you can't really see the orange of the lid of the drink container because the OJ inside kind of detracts from it, but it's a light orange, almost like... I can't describe it. 

I posted the recipe for the spaghetti alla carbonara on Feisty Foodie, so head on over to that link!  Today is the International Day of Italian Cuisines... well, go to the recipe link to see what that's all about and why I made carbonara anyway! 

These pears are so creamy and juicy, it's amazing.  Too bad the skin kind of sucks, and I didn't realize - since it's been years since I ate a pear - that they discolor, so I forgot to do something to prevent browning.  Oh well, hopefully they'll still taste yummy... can't wait for lunch!  I tried to twirl the pasta into nests or some semblance of nests so that it'll be easier for eating later... we'll see how that works out for me.


my dinner last night - click the picture for recipe!

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