Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feisty Bento #109: Cucumber Salad Recipe

Left: Romaine lettuce, bagged iceberg lettuce salad mix, grape tomatoes, and two marinated artichoke hearts, with the oil/vinegar combination that the artichoke hearts were marinated in (from a jar) poured on top as a dressing
Right: chopped up roasted chicken breast (courtesy of FeistyMom, but super dry... blegh, maybe I'll mix it with the salad, either one); homemade cucumber salad of a sort with green onion sprinkled on top for color

The recipe for the cucumber salad can be found here.  I added a lot more red pepper flakes this time so it's quite a bit spicier at the end, yum!  I love the mix of cucumber coolness with the surprise heat at the end ;)

Yum, I'm starving, can't wait for lunch!

Happy bento! 

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  1. Cool and interesting bento! I love all that green color. That's nice to see and have in one's lunch during the middle of winter. YUM! Btw, the pancakes heated up fine today for lunch and were super yummy. I did get some odd looks from a coworker. I think she couldn't believe I'd brought pancakes for lunch. LOL!