Monday, January 28, 2008

Feisty Bento #108: Steak, steak, everywhere

Creamed corn; steak cut up into bite size pieces; bagged salad

Last night, I made steak with creamed corn- BF's favorite vegetable- and had leftovers.  Since I like my steak medium rare, it's totally microwaveable.  I cut the steak up last night, then packed it up and nuked it for a brief minute this morning.  Unfortunately it kind of made the steak completely cooked, but it turned out fine; next time I'm going to steam-re-heat it because it will cook more slowly that way.  Actually, there's extra steak underneath the creamed corn; those pieces came out super tender.  Ah well, lessons learned. 

I'm back to work, but not really feeling up for anything. 

Happy bento, at least.


  1. YAY! You're back. I've missed your posts the last few days. And your lunch looks completely yum!

  2. How do you make your creamed corn? It looks very different from what I am used to seeing. Since I love new foods, I am curious.
    What I make for creamed corn is so fattening it's not to be eaten but a couple of times a year...really bad for you, but tastes really good.