Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feisty Bento #99: Something new

Left: chicken/pork gyoza; vegetarian duck Right: mini bell peppers stuffed with garlic & herb soft cheese; a few Korean pickles; gimbab

Vegetarian duck is one of those things I don't like. Actually, vegetarian anything basically gets a face from me: "tsai/jai" (depending on the dialect you speak, some variation of that) in Chinese is stuff that's vegetarian and usually meant to taste like meat, hence the "duck" labeling here. It's tofu skin wrapped around shiitake mushrooms, I can't recall the last time I tried it- years ago, and I hated it- but that doesn't make sense since I like tofu skin and I like shiitake mushrooms. Hence me trying it again. But honestly, I don't expect much, which is why I only took two pieces (I just needed something to stick in my bento!).

My mom kindly went to a K-town store yesterday and picked up fresh gimbab and a bunch of banchans for me (and herself, of course). I took some of the pickles and of course the gimbab (Korean style sushi; containing pickled daikon, carrots, spinach, a tamago-like egg, and some sort of tofu? it appears (I haven't had that before in gimbab but I can see it peeking out- it tasted good), and fake crab. Pretty yummy and a lot cheaper than Japanese sushi (this time, $6 for a package as seen in the picture here- it was $3 for that entire tray, and here in NYC it's $6! Sad...).

Since reading about mini bell peppers here, I've been dying to give this a try! So when I noticed my mom also picked up a big bag of mini bell peppers in pretty colors, I squealed and knew exactly what I was putting in my bento today! I can't wait to try it, though my mom insisted to me "You don't need cheese, these are so sweet it tastes like an apple, don't put cheese, no!" Heh, I stuffed some cheese in anyway.

As always, happy bento!!!

PS Tomorrow will be Feisty Bento #100! Be sure to tune in and see what's up, I've got something sorta special planned...

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  1. The "tofu" probably is fishcake, which is common for gimbab. If you ever make your own, I strongly suggest adding ground beef with spinach!