Monday, January 7, 2008

Feisty Bento #98: Lock & Lock Debut

Cucumbers; hummus; Singapore style mai-fun (not spicy; has a little bit of curry in it)

I think I'm over my food poisoning; I promptly inhaled anything in sight over the weekend because after eating a few bites of whatever everyday for a week, I deserved some food.  For those of you so kind to tell me, "At least you're losing weight!" from not eating... I didn't lose a single pound.  I don't get it.  Ah well.  It's okay; that'd be weight lost the unhealthy way and would return anyway.  It would've been nice to at least see the scale drop beyond the 1[x]0 mark, though... (I'm a little shy about my exact weight.)

This box is the one I mentioned previously that I got at Target- the first time using it was a week ago, to hold the broccoli from my fated food poisoning bento (though the clams were in the other box).  Since it's really way too big for me to comfortably justify filling and eating, I filled the cup less than halfway with hummus (and it was still a bit much), and cucumbers are so low calorie, I think that's okay.  The noodles were also filled to less than halfway, but I was still full.  Success!

Happy bento'ing!


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