Friday, January 11, 2008

Feisty Bento #102: New Lock & Lock Set Debut!

Guess what?  I finally used a "new" bento set that I bought back in September, in California.  I think it's too much food though... 

Silly me forgot to take pictures of the entire set- the lids are orange, and there's an included matching drink container!  Pictures of the same set with details can be found here - the set cost me $13 at the store.  I've managed to find a person who will ship them to me for $23 from Hawaii- she also has larger blue ones, same set up, same price.  Let me know if you want her contact info, I know I just bought the last one, but she gets them in occasionally... The nifty or niftiest part of the whole set up is that the divided container on the left - the tops of the dividers reach and touch the bottom of the lid, which has grooves specially for that, so my understanding (from reading Lunch in a Box and her lunches using these boxes) is that the contents can't and won't "jump" into the section next to it!  Awesome!

Left tier, from top: celery with cucumber slices underneath, and hummus adjacent with a green "grass" divider; sliced Asian pear; seafood gyoza with gyoza sauce
Right tier, from top: kimchi (Korean pickled and fermented spicy cabbage), mini marinated fishy; white rice with tamago furikake sprinkled on top; chicken & veggie curry

Something interesting: I actually made a huge batch of curry the other day and froze scoopfuls (a ladle and a half full, actually) in sandwich bags laying flat in my freezer.  Once frozen, the curry peels out of the bag very easily for a quick spin in the microwave to defrost and heat through.  Voila, perfect for my lunch!  I just heated it through really quickly this morning, and as I'd made fresh rice last night, I tossed some into my lunch as well.  Easy.  Everything else is just stuff I keep on hand... so easy, so yummy, and a ton of fun for me to eat later!

As always... happy bento'ing! 


  1. I've never made curry. I only remember eating it once, and it was super spicy. But maybe I should try it again.

  2. your blogs are awesome, and i have been convinced! just packed my first bento... =)

  3. Would you please send me your contact info for the person in Hawaii who will buy/ship the lock n' lock bento sets? I would love to get 1 or 2...