Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feisty Bento #163: Lunchtime!

Wow, I ingested so much fat last night.  The majority of the above was my dinner last night.  I didn't quite eat it all, but I ate most of that bowl with tortilla chips.  Two avocadoes... mixed with my homemade salsa (I was feeling lazy to chop, and it's all the same ingredients anyway!).  YUM.

Here's the squid I was talking about.  It's so good!  The other containers had slightly different ingredients but looked similar, or different ingredients and looked the same.  It's salty-sweet-and a touch of spicy at the end, which I love.  I was cramming this in my mouth hahahaha.  Anyway, that's why I was confused.  Some were super red, some were dryer looking, some were just... I don't know.  I'm glad I picked this container... so good and not too spicy.

And here's today's bento!

Top tier: spicy marinated squid; seaweed salad; grape tomatoes
Bottom tier: pre-mixed curry rice; two creamed corn croquettes with tonkatsu sauce in the mini bottle

So good, so yum, and it's time for lunch!


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  1. the spicy squid banchan is really easy to make. here's a recipe you can experiment with. if you like it on the chewier side, you don't need to soak the dried squid in water at all.