Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feisty Bento #162: Fifteen Whole Grains

Yummm... dinner last night.  I ate kind of late - 9:30 - actually it was closer to 10, because the game was coming on as I started eating - but I went to yoga last night.  Gasp!!!  The gym two days in a row!  Will this last?  We'll see... and yoga was murder.  I didn't realize this was like cardio yoga, jumping up and into poses and not holding any of the poses, just going through them quickly... arghhh... and some of the poses are so hard for me, but easy for other people... and then some poses were super easy for me but I saw other people struggling!  Weird!

Anyway, that's rice, Trader Joe's bulgogi (leftover from last week), some bok choi I steamed in a microwave steamer (was hungry and in a hurry!), and some spicy marinated squid/cuttlefish I got at the Korean supermarket the other day.  YUMMY!!!

Yummy bento.  Another question for anyone who might know - especially the Korean readers - the reddish stuff on the bottom is marinated squid.  This I know.  But I LOVE this kind!  It's ever so slightly spicy and sweet, juicy (in fact, it kind of reminds me of the chicken that I liked, the saucy/marinade part of it anyway).  But... well, at H-Mart in K-town, there's this whole wall of small plastic containers filled with banchan.  And a LOT of the banchan is the same thing but not.  Like there were 3-4 different kinds of this squid.  How am I supposed to tell which is the GOOD one or the one I like???  They all say nearly the same thing on the container!!!  Help?!

Bento contents: one 15 grain sandwich with cilantro mayo and honey maple turkey; grape tomatoes; spicy marinated cuttlefish

As always - happy bento!!!

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