Monday, May 12, 2008

MK Bento

I've been really remiss with my bento'ing... I just can't wake up lately, I'm so exhausted, so tired, so... emotionally strained.  I've been going through some ish and it's just... wreaked havoc on my desire to get out of bed, put together a lunch, and go to work...

Anyway, a friend of mine - cutest story EVER - told me a few months ago that her brother showed her this website that showcased some crazy girl's bento every day... and she was browsing around it when she suddenly realized... the crazy girl was ME!  I was really excited cuz, well, it's so cool to kind of think, oh hey... my friends found my site without me directing them to it!  (Plus it made me realize that I don't really talk about my food blogs, nearly all the friends in that group of friends didn't know I had food blogs, oops.) 

So this same friend mentioned that she was starting to get into bento...

... and then she took a few pictures...

... then she sent them to me...

... and she said I could post them!  So, even though I can't offer you my bento, here are pictures of MK Bento, for the first time ever!  (Sorry I don't really have details on what's in them!  Speak up if you're reading, though, MK, if I get anything wrong!)

Whole wheat pancakes and syrup

Dumplings & broccoli

Looks like... dim sum?, fried rice onigiri, and some greens in the lower left hand corner

Noodles... with some bok choi on the right

More noodles, and I think inari sushi?

Meatballs with cute picks, over rice and some green beans

Broccoli, sausages, noodles, and look!  Little ocotopus hot dog/sausages!

Creamed spinach, orange segments, and I believe those are soba nests with soba dipping sauce!  Yum!

Creamed spinach, lo mein, and fried dumplings.  Yum!!!

MK actually goes to school and commutes, so I can understand why it might be hard for her to blog about her lunches, and I'm only too happy to help her out by doing it for her!  But encouraging comments are welcome so that she might continue bentoing... hopefully she'll be able to even after she starts working.  Yay for MK!

Always, happy bento!!!


  1. *drool* These look delicious! I think you should both come to CA and trade off making lunch for me every day! Just kidding of course, but seriously yum!

  2. thanks yvo!!! (and allison)... i feel so special being on the internet :OP
    hehee - i dedicate my bentos to your site!

  3. Way to rock the guest bentos Yvo :)

  4. Isn't that cool? I had a friend who never commented on my blog... come to find out, she looked at it all the time, and even started making bento lunches for her children for a while.

    Way to be an inspiration. :0)